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Anthony has a long history of addiction. Not until he began to establish his professional career and lay the foundations of his marriage did the truth of his problems emerge.

Anthony attended a nationally prominent medical school where he was not only class president, but also school president. He also met his wife to be during this time. Upon graduating, he was married and accepted into a highly competitive surgical residency. He continued along a path of success, receiving Best Teaching Resident honors along the way. All the while, his addictive dark secret remained hidden.

Despite the birth of his child and a love for helping people, Anthony continued a downward spiral he was clearly unable to stop on his own. His addiction began to come out before he completed his residency, almost preventing him from finishing. After successfully completing his residency he completed a Master’s Degree in Public Health hoping to distract his addictive personality.

It was not long before the illusion of success came crashing down. Anthony was arrested as a result of his addiction. He spent several months in jail where he was divorced, lost his family, medical license and life as he knew it before being released on probation and recommended to a local treatment facility. Attending treatments once a week proved inadequate. The demons inside fought to get out. With the inability to secure employment, loss of family, friends and colleagues and a loss of hope, Anthony let the demon out. As a result, he was re-arrested and spent ten more hard months in jail.

Again, out on probation, Anthony was referred to a local 12 step meeting where he found God and hope, and his recovery began. His recovery has not been smooth. However, he has been blessed with over five years of sobriety, a new wife, supportive parents and friends, a forgiving ex-wife, loving daughter and great 12 step community.

Despite the struggles of obtaining employment and the restrictions of ever expanding laws, Anthony maintains an attitude of gratitude while searching for inner happiness and peace. Anthony is inspired to share his story of hope, love and awareness through guided video meditations as well as speaking and teaching the practice of meditation from his experiences to help others on their path of recovery.

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