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Welcome to Sober Meditations.

This website is focused on providing the recovering addict with help to relax, become more spiritually centered and enhance a healthy sober lifestyle through the use of guided video meditations and transformation meditation techniques. Most addicts report that their sobriety is strengthened from the practice of daily meditation. Meditation has been shown to be a highly effective and beneficial method for the treatment of numerous psychological and physiological conditions, as well as improving the overall quality of one’s life. Meditating daily has been an important tool to bring me closer to my Higher Power. These meditations are rooted in the spirit and principles of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Though rooted in Alcoholics Anonymous, the meditations can be applied to all forms of addictions and compulsions. It is the goal of these meditations to reach those of you wishing to minimize your self-destructive thinking and learn to live a more peaceful, happy and fulfilled life. With the hope that these video meditations and other services offered will be one of the tools that is beneficial in your recovery and long-term sobriety.

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12 Steps For Recovery From Addiction | Part of our Complete “Guided Meditations” Series

Step 1 of 12
Step 2 of 12
Step 3 of 12
Step 4 of 12

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General Recovery From Addiction | Part of our Complete “Guided Meditations” Series

Morning Meditation Prayer
One Day at a Time Meditation
Relax for Recovery
Serenity Prayer

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Program Specific Meditations | Part of our Complete “Guided Meditations” Series

Alcoholics Anonymous Meditation
Sex Addicts Anonymous
Overeaters Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous